Our God from Above

by Sheila O’Daniel

We gather together in one accord
Seeking to hear a word from the Lord
We bow and ask You to show us the way
To lead and guide us as we pray

We humble ourselves and lift up our hands
Asking, You Lord, to please heal our land
Your Word stands true as we watch and we wait
Open the heavens, open the gates

Pour out Your Spirit for we praise Your name
Prepare our hearts Your Word we proclaim
The heavens open and Your light does shine
A reminder sent all will be fine

Your Presence brings warmth and comfort and peace
Causing our faith to further increase
It is not by sight that we live each day
But trusting Your truths and what they say

The works of Your hand we’ve seen them before
Through nature and sickness and much more
We call upon You, Your power and grace
Teach us Your will Your Word we embrace

We repent and turn from our wicked ways
Giving You thanks and giving You praise
A God of wonder and a God of hope
A God of great strength who helps us cope

We gather together in one accord
Knowing great things will come from our Lord
His plan is unfolding before our eyes
We thank you Lord for hearing our cries

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F.C. Shultz

F.C. Shultz, of Webb City, is the one promoting poetry in the Sentinel. In February 2021, he was one of  the Missouri Arts Council Featured Artists. He has published books of fiction, poetry and musings on writing. And you can watch him do a reading on his website, fcshultz.com.

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