Too old

The Postscript Too old Carrie Classon My new friend, Betty Lou, started a book club, and she asked me to join. I was delighted. I hadn’t been in a book club for a long time. Because she is a librarian, Betty Lou knows better than most the importance of reading a variety of things and […]

Lukewarm water

The Postscript Lukewarm water Carrie Classon Yesterday wasn’t the best day. I don’t like to complain and, the truth is, I have very little to complain about. Still, yesterday was not the best day. I woke with a stomachache. I’d gone to bed with a stomachache, and this is not terribly unusual. My mother gets […]

Happy place

The Postscript Happy place Carrie Classon I have a sticker that says “My Happy Place,” and I kept it for a while, wondering where to put it. In the end, I stuck it near my desk so I could see it while I write. I am usually happy when I’m writing. On Monday, however, I […]

Taking pictures

The Postscript Taking pictures Carrie Classon I like taking photos when I’m out of the country. Photographing things in Mexico is effortless. I’ll never understand the nuances of every festival or ritual, but I can enjoy the pageantry and the color and the incredible effort and artistry that goes into creating so much beauty. Then […]

Bunny food

The Postscript Bunny food Carrie Classon The TSA agent looked stern – as they usually do. “I’d like to look inside this bag, ma’am,” he said. “No problem!” I always sound a little too eager when being questioned by an authority figure. I’m trying so hard to prove I have nothing to hide that I […]

Fireworks in the morning

The Postscript Fireworks in the morning Carrie Classon   I start noticing the planes overhead when it’s nearing the time to go. Planes don’t fly low over this small Mexican city. San Miguel de Allende doesn’t have its own airport, so the few planes flying overhead are high in the sky, headed off to somewhere […]

3,002 Suns

The Postscript 3,002 Suns Carrie Classon Our landlord, Jorge, loves his suns. I am sure he loves his son, Jorge Jr., as well, but I am talking about the other kind of sun. This is why there are nearly 3,000 smiling sun faces decorating the hotel where we stay when we are in Mexico. Two […]

Burro in pants

The Postscript Burro in pants Carrie Classon I saw the burro wearing pants and carrying a basket filled with paper flowers. “Oh, my gosh!” I said. “That poor burro.” There are several burros with this job in this Mexican town and, as burro employment goes, it’s a pretty easy gig. The burro wears a rustic […]

Dog friends

The Postscript Add Your Heading Text Here Carrie Classon My husband, Peter, is trying to impress a local collie. Peter knows better than this. He had a collie for many years. Collies are not easily impressed. They have their own priorities and their own agenda and if it happens to coincide with yours, you can […]

Enough steps

The Postscript Enough steps Carrie Classon Anxiety likes numbers. I only recently realized that a lot of my anxiety fixates on meaningless numbers. I like to know how many there are of a particular thing and then attach meanings – usually sinister, sometimes hopeful, always unreasonable – to these numbers. How many words are in […]