42 teachers join WC R7


(FRONT) April Foulks, Webb City CARES school/home coordinator; Gabrielle Heth, high school English; Angela Moore, second grade, Carterville; Andrea Dicharry, junior high behavior specialist; Michelle Gleason, behavior specialist, Franklin; Peyton Rogers, middle school fifth grade; Cindy Worley, middle school special education; Patricia Silva, high school Spanish.
(SECOND ROW) Rachel Snyder, middle school special education; Jason Brown, high school world history; Erin Wilson, high school English; Miranda Neal, middle school fifth grade; Emily Wilson, speech pathology, Eugene Field, Mark Twain, high school; Mackenzie Sams, junior high seventh grade math and science; Jacob Burdick, first grade Webster; Justin Boudreaux, high school counselor.
(THIRD ROW) Ashley McConnell, middle school counselor; Corbin Roderique, second grade, Harry S Truman; Andrea Stephens, fourth grade, Harry S Truman; Courtney Escoto, high school communication arts; Audrey Hogan, high school art; Hanna Million, junior high special education; Caitlin Hershey, art, Carterville and Madge T. James Kindergarten; Taylor Warlick, junior high art.
(FOURTH ROW) Dakota Newby, high school math; Jamie Williams, junior high life skills; Keith Robertson, middle school assistant principal; Sara Robertson, junior high special education; Maddie Jacks, first grade, Webster; Brookli Pollock, counselor, Mark Twain and Eugene Field; Jinger Lee, fourth grade, Eugene Field; Beth Arnold, kindergarten, Bess Truman.
(FIFTH ROW) Amber O’Hare, fourth grade, Carterville; Alexandra Mauch, junior high seventh grade science; Paulina Banta, high school Spanish; Brian May, art, Webster; Scott Bailey, junior high strength and conditioning; Monica Pelham, speech-language pathology, Webster; Meredith Belrose, second grade, Harry S Truman; Brandy Weston, middle school special education.
(TOP) Courtney Derryberry, middle school counselor; Adam Cohen, high school business. (NOT PICTURED) Terry Smith, junior high counselor.