This picture, taken Wednesday, the day before the concrete pour, is looking upstream toward Broadway from the north. Sunset Creek tops its banks farther downstream in the Golf Road area and Rudondo  subdivision.

Big concrete pour Thursday to shore up Broadway bridge

Webb City Public Works crews are planning for a big concrete pour Thursday to shore up the west Broadway bridge and prevent further erosion of the Sunset Creek bed.

City Administrator Carl Francis reported to the City Council this week that more than $20,000 worth of concrete is on order for the project.

Crews have been preparing the bridge for several weeks.

They previously strengthened a bridge upstream on west Seventh Street in the Chesterfield Addition.

Rick Roth, street and water director, said the work being done on the Broadway Street bridge is similar to what was done several years ago at the Aylor Street bridge.

This view is from on top of the bridge looking south (upstream).

Nearly ready for the concrete pour Thursday morning. This view is looking downstream (north) from on top of the bridge. Concrete will be poured into the large channel to form a foundation wall that will keep water from flowing underneath the concrete bed.