Persistent Carterville students

Carterville Elementary students in April learned about being persistent. They learned they can be persistent by – never giving up, trying new strategies, working hard, setting goals, being resourceful, always giving their best effort, believing in themselves, finishing what they start, ignoring distractions, and being reliable.

Selected as April Students of the Month are: (FRONT) Princetyn, Landon, Liam, Lewis, Brinley, Sterling. (BACK) Gavin, Lyric, Danovin, Robert, Jack, Peyton, Lillyan and Willow. (Lauren Thompson photo)

Carterville and Mark Twain students of the month

Mark Twain Elementary Drivers of the Month

Mark Twain Elementary students worked on their patience as a character trait in April. Those students nominated by teachers for demonstrating patience on a consistent basis to become Drivers of the Month are:

(FRONT) Cameron, Cooper, Isis. (BACK) Ryan, Ben, Kirra, Bentley and Noah. Colt and Avi were photographed separately. (Brooke Roy photos)