Carterville Students of the Month are cooperative

Carterville Elementary students in the month of May focused on being cooperative. They learned they can be cooperative by… following directions, giving positive feedback, being a team player, not competing with others, being an active listener, being patient, compromising, taking turns, including everyone and being accepting.

The May Students of the Month are: (FRONT) Asher, Silas, Nico, DeAngelo, Brooklyn, Carolyn. (BACK) Braden, Kinsey, Miranda, Ty, Seth and Aryana. (Lauren Thompson photo)


‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ recital Saturday at Cornell Complex

Pinocchio School of Dance will hold its 18th spring recital, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” at 3 p.m. Saturday, May 27, at the Cornell Complex in Joplin. Admission is $5.

The recital of dance, piano and vocal music is directed by Carolyn McGowan.

Dancers –  Aria Alfaro, Ember Allen, Maya Booth, Maddie Boudreaux, Rowen Cantu, Karlie Carrier, Vivian Channel, Madelyn Edwards, Arya Ewan, Dezirae Gatas, Nylah Gatas, Adalia Hermoso, Fiona Kamler-McKenzie, Adelaide Lujan-McDowell, Amiah Neher, Araceli Perez, Carolina Perez, Isaac Perez, Nathalie Perez, Nathan Perez, Amara Richardson, Angie Starchuro, Vera Stebbins, Annie Streeter, Emma Streeter, Mary Streeter, Sophia Welch, Araina Wilson, Aranza Zavala and Paola Zavala.

Dance and choreography instructors are Cathy Hall, Brianna Simpson, Kristen Stremel, Symone Wilson and Soledad Zavala.

Pianists – John Streeter and Paul Streeter are instructed by Megan Sabo.

Vocalists – Elijah Brown, Danika Jensen, Jim Lile, Jarrett Little, JJ Ramos, Brianna Simpson, Sophie Stoebel and Michaela West. Jarrett Little is their instructor.