Fifty shades

The Postscript Fifty shades Carrie Classon My husband, Peter, is a man of few colors – black and gray, to be exact. He has always been this way, as far as I know. Peter is not opposed to color, but I think it makes him a little nervous. He worries that one color might not […]

What Thanksgiving looks like

The Postscript What Thanksgiving looks like Carrie Classon My mother sent a photo of a huge female turkey sitting on her bird feeder. The giant, ungainly creature looked ridiculous, perched on the little wooden roof of a feeder intended for chickadees and nuthatches. “She has been hanging around for two days now,” my mother wrote. […]

Angel’s front door

The Postscript Angel’s front door Carrie Classon I used to have a friend who lived in Paris. Paris is expensive. Angel bought the largest apartment she could afford, and it was tiny. But, because it was in Paris, she had a lot of visitors. Friends and family came to see her and, in order to […]

Don’t believe all holiday rumors

The Postscript Don’t believe all holiday rumors Carrie Classon I have been studying up on frightening holiday rumors and found some surprises. There is apparently no evidence that any child has ever been poisoned by a Halloween treat. This is according to the New York Times, which investigated it. There was one case of a […]

Old friends

The Postscript Old friends Carrie Classon I spent yesterday with old friends. It used to be that I would follow the use of “old friends” with the disclaimer that they were “not really old!” This no longer feels necessary. If they are old friends of mine, I now have to say, objectively, they are pretty […]

Box of cures

The Postscript Box of cures Carrie Classon When I was 8 or 9, I played a game that I invented with my friends. On index cards, alphabetized in a recipe box, were written descriptions of fictional ailments, each with a ridiculous name and an equally ridiculous cure. In order to diagnose what illness my playmates […]

Buying jeans

The Postscript Buying jeans Carrie Classon There are few things as daunting as buying jeans. I don’t buy jeans frequently enough to buy the same kind twice. By the time I’m ready for a new pair of jeans, whatever I’ve been wearing is unavailable, out of style, or both. Of course there are sizes on […]