The Postscript

Bunion season

The Postscript Bunion season Carrie Classon It’s that time of year again. No, I am not talking about bikini season. I’m talking about bunion season. I did not even know I had a bunion until fairly recently and now, every time I start wearing sandals again, I am reminded that I do. I imagine it …

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The job I want

The Postscript The job I want Carrie Classon “Dress for the job you want!” was advice I heard from an early age. I took this advice to heart. I was working a lowly job in a government office while applying for jobs in businesses around town. I had never worked in business, but I had …

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A very bad smell

The Postscript A very bad smell Carrie Classon Of course, we should have known something was wrong. The nice thing about living in our new condo is that we don’t have the responsibilities of a stand-alone home. There is no yard to rake, no snow to shovel. There is someone at the front desk who …

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A lot of cake

The Postscript A lot of cake Carrie Classon The plan was to buy everyone cake. My husband, Peter, and I are finally getting ready to leave Mexico, and we can’t say we are too happy about it. The last two months in San Miguel de Allende have convinced us that it is a place we …

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A dog knows

The Postscript A dog knows Carrie Classon “What a sweet dog!” I said, in Spanish. “She is a sweet dog,” the man walking her answered, in English. He had an Irish accent and was walking the young dog down the street as my husband, Peter, and I made our way home from dinner. “And she …

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