Waiting for Estefan

The Postscript Waiting for Estefan I ordered the sofa cover as soon as we adopted our new cat, Felix. The sofa in the little apartment my husband, Peter, and I […]

Spring cold

The Postscript Spring cold The fact is, I am spoiled. I never get sick. I’ve never spent a night in a hospital since I was born (and then, my mother […]


The Postscript Bonanza! My husband, Peter, and I spend the winters in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. The center of the town is a designated World Heritage Site, which means […]


The Postscript Perfection I was lying in bed the other night in the little apartment my husband, Peter, and I rent in Mexico, and thinking that things were perfect. Then […]

Living with a cat

The Postscript Living with a cat We have had our adopted Mexican street cat, Felix, for a month now. “Has he bulked out?” I asked my husband, Peter, as we […]


The Postscript Useful I had a discouraging day yesterday. I don’t expect anyone to keep track – heck, I can’t keep track half the time. But I got another rejection […]

Rod Stewart hair

The Postscript Rod Stewart hair “I like your hair!” a woman at the party said. This is always nice to hear. My hair is my least endearing feature, primarily because […]

What cats like

The Postscript What cats like “I’ve been reading about cats,” my husband, Peter, tells me. Peter has never had a cat before. “Oh, yeah?” “Salt is not good for their […]

A borrowed plate

The Postscript A borrowed plate My husband, Peter, and I were surprised that two plates were missing. We stay in our little apartment in Mexico and, while we’re gone, all […]

A new life for Felix

The Postscript A new life for Felix Last night was surprisingly calm, all things considered. I told my husband, Peter, that he should not plan to get a good night’s […]