Patrol Officer Johnathan Berg is pinned by his daughter, Addysen.

City celebrates pinning of five police officers

Webb City Police Department honored three sergeants and two patrol officers Monday with a pinning ceremony during the Webb City Council meeting and a reception at the police station.

Those pinned were:

Patrol Officer Johnathan Berg

A 2010 graduate of Webb City High School, Johnathan Berg was a manager at Academy Sports and Lowe’s before graduating from the Police Academy at Missouri Southern State University and began his service here in December 2021. He has two daughters, Addysen, 4, and Jaxtyn, 7 months.


Patrol Officer Gavin Gannaway is pinned by his mother, Shelly Gannaway.

Patrol Officer Gavin Gannaway

Gavin Gannaway became an Eagle in 2014 and held leadership position in Scouts. He graduated from McAuley Catholic High School in 2017. At MSSU, he earned his bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and associate’s degree in law enforcement. He joined WCPD shortly after graduating in December 2021.


Sgt. Alex Bickett is pinned by his grandmother, Sue Lassiter, and his mother, Traci Kessler.

Sgt. Alex Bickett

Alex Bickett became familiar with WCPD as a Police Explorer in 2009 when he was 16. He became a dispatcher and graduated from the MSSU Law Enforcement Academy in 2013. He was promoted to corporal in 2018 and jokingly says he looks forward to succeeding Police Chief Don Melton.


Sgt. Christopher Shonk is pinned by his wife, Betsy.

Sgt. Christopher Shonk

Christopher Shonk graduated from the Southeast Missouri State University Law Enforcement Academy in 1999 and has been with WCPD since 2015. He and his wife, Betsy, have three children, Jessica, Jacob and Jillian.

Sgt. Joshua Smith is pinned by his wife, Resha.

Sgt. Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith was with the Stone County Sheriff’s Department and Joplin Police Department before he joined WCPD in 2007. He is a school resource officer, special response team member, and instructor. He holds an associate’s degree in law enforcement, with various law enforcement and military certifications.

Sgt. Smith, also a Navy chief, has a total combined service of 23 years with the U.S. Navy Reserve and U.S. Army Reserve. He deployed to Iraq with the Army in 2003 and to Afghanistan in 2009 with the Navy, where he was assigned to a Joint Service Task Force.