The Academic Awards Ceremony begins with the Pledge of Allegiance Monday in the Cardinal Dome.

Community recognition of top academic Cardinals resumes

More than 400 Webb City R-7 students who scored at the advanced level on the MAP test last spring were recognized Tuesday during the annual Academic Awards Ceremony in the Cardinal Dome.

Brenten Byrd, assistant superintendent for instructional services, says the honored students represent 16% of the students who are given the MAP test. 

It’s more difficult to be recognized in high school because the honor is limited to those scoring at the advanced level in all of their End of Course (EOC) tests.

“Be proud of your medal. You earned it!” Kevin Cooper, assistant superintendent of business operations, told the students. 

Then he closed the ceremony on a downer. “I hate to tell you, but you have to take it (the MAP test) again in about a month or so.