The Top 27 Mileage Club runners for 2020-21 with Mileage Club founder Darla Williams are: (BACK) Tiphani Sutten, Hallie McKinzie, Leila Yerton, Lincoln Hedger, Jaxon Dunaway, Chase Brooks, Charlie Liles, Joseph Smith, Brayton Robinson. (MIDDLE) MaKiah Johnson, Kate Drinkwitz, Ace Wharton, Kayden Sawyer, Jeremy Aguilar Flores, Bentley Armstrong, Laniey Mahurin, Kayel Bacai, Jace Cross. (FRONT) Turner Doennig, Brandon Duke, Karson Holt, Aiden Wilson, Lexie Smith, Owen Taylor, Curtis Gayman and Conley Stanton.

Eugene Field Mileage Club under founder Darla Williams comes to an end after 19 years

175 Mileage Club members end year completing 8,000 miles

Darla Williams and Tammy Thomas kick off the first year of Mileage Club.

A journey of 157,843 miles began with one lap 19 years ago on the blacktop of Eugene Field at recess and ended on May 14, 2021. 

During those 19 years, 3,000 Eugene Field Elementary students participated in Mileage Club, a fitness incentive program based on walking and or jogging that provides motivation for students to be physically active as well as a way to burn off excess energy and stress while setting goals and earning rewards. 

Club founder, physical education instructor Darla Williams, says, “I cannot thank enough Tammy Thomas, former principal at Eugene Field, for helping get this amazing program started.”

She also acknowledges the support she and the Mileage Club members have from all principals and school staff.

“As I retire from teaching after 21 years in Webb City, this program will always have a special place with great memories to look back on,” says Williams. “Hopefully my students will remember my encouragement and the importance of being physically active. I know many former students still have their toe tokens because several have reached out telling me.”

The past year’s COVID-19 restrictions hampered the program, especially in the fall, but 175 students still completed over 8,000 miles. Our Top 5 students completed at least 101 miles (634 laps).

Brayton Robinson led the way, completing 134 miles (837 laps). Other Top 5 members and their miles are Joseph Smith, 110; Charlie Liles, 106; Jay Studyvin, 106, and Chase Brooks, 101 miles. 

The top 27 club members, who completed 58 or more miles were honored during an assembly on the last day of school. 

Cameron Tournear’s class completed the most miles, 1,145 (7,157 laps). 

Julie Hansen’s class logged 6,785 laps for second place. 

“I’m very proud of these students, and I am hoping that they will continue to work hard on achieving their goals, but mainly keep moving forward one step at a time,” says Williams.

The Top 5 runners are Joseph Smith, Chase Brooks, Brayton Robinson, and Charlie Liles. Jay Studyvin wasn’t present for the photo.

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