Recyclers are finding Webb City’s new recycling center site at 2100 N. Madison St.

Finally, recycling bins are filled only with recyclables

Don’t bring ‘Walmart bags’ among other things that can’t be recycled

City officials say the new recycling drop-off site is working out great.

It’s working the way it’s supposed to because the recycle trailers are behind a gate and someone’s on duty to guard against people dropping off their trash or other non-recyclables such as dilapidated furniture.

Mayor Lynn Ragsdale said Monday during the City Council meeting that the new site is especially appreciated by those who are “zealous” about recycling.

They’re the ones who were exasperated when they’d find the bins at the old site overflowing with non-recyclables.

And amazingly, Ragsdale reported that for the first time the bins’ contents have been actually recycled because they haven’t been contaminated with non-recyclables.

Although the new site has been in operation several weeks, City Attorney Troy Salchow says when he exits his office in the back of the old city hall building he’s still being asked what happened to the recycling bins.

They’ve been moved to the new site, which is at 2100 N. Madison St. That’s the entrance to the Center Creek 201 Wastewater Treatment Plant. The gate was already there, all the city had to do was move in a small shed for the person monitoring the site. 

Curtis Wilson, a high school student, is the site monitor. He has also worked for the city in the ballpark concession stands.

The gate is open three afternoons and Saturday morning each week – from 3 to 7 p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday.

Taking limbs to compost area is also limited to those hours now.

Part-time city employee Curtis Wilson checks vehicles to make sure they’re recycling the right stuff. One thing he says he’s been told to say is, “No Walmart bags,” or other plastic bags, of course, because they’re not recyclable.