(FRONT) Nina Nguyen, Hadley Butcher, Adelyn West, Kelsey Phillips, Nick Wade, Emma Hunt, Chandler Ray. 

(KNEELING) Jolie Stone, Addison Hallmark, Adalynn Moss, Olivia Mintert, Claire Langston, Isabella Wood, Lillyann Bell, Brooklyn Nikodim, Noel Gray,

(BACK) Maddox Lesmeister, Kayla Hoyt, Kati Dodson, Hayleigh Horn, Rowland Branch, Xephir Maberry, Tommy Givens, Grace Dalrymple, Hannon Chaney, Emre Schwartz, Izac Wilson, Sidney Harris, Kora Forester, Izzy Barnes.

First full-length production to be staged in ‘new’ Cardinal Theater

Rowland Branch and Adelyn West

Tiffany Bolin photos

“The Day the Internet Died” will be the first full-length play to be performed in Cardinal Theater, which was rebuilt last summer. Cardinal Theater was part of the original Webb City High School campus when it was built in the 1970s.

The play imagines how modern society would be impacted if the internet shut down.

The play features 17 different scenes in which various characters do the best they can to deal with loss of the internet. They have difficulty communicating without phones and social media. There’s a use for paper again as the characters gather data the old-school way.

It will be the last play directed by Nancy O’Banion, who is retiring after 25 years and 33 productions.

And it will be the first and last play for seniors Xephir Mayberry and Haleigh Horn. There are two other seniors, Kannon Chaney and Chadler Ray.

Showtimes are 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday, April 5-6, and 2 p.m. Sunday, April 7. Tickets are $6 for adults and $4 for students and seniors.

Xephir Maberry, Rachel Springer, Brooklyn Nikodim and Hadley Butcher

Claire Langston, Kati Dodson and Kannon Chaney

Isabella Wood

Nina/Office Worker – Lillyann Bell
Buck/Brian/Secret Agent – Rowland Branch
Postal Worker/Boss – Hadley Butcher
Mr. Timms/Data Harvester/Kurt – Kannon Chaney
Mayor/Announcer/Customer – Grace Darymple
Shelly/Cheryl – Hayleigh Horn
Barista/Maria/Library Patron – Emma Hunt
Betty/NSA Agent – Claire Langston
Sheriff – Xephir Maberry
Clarice/Joann/Library Patron – Olivia Mintert
Erica/Crystal – Adalynn Moss
Agnes/Office Worker – Nina Nguyen
Connie/Sandra – Brooklyn Nikodim
Joyce/Jess/Customer – Kelsey Phillips
Paige/Michelle – Chandler Ray*
Mindy/Alicia – Lakelyn Stuart
Isaac/Cole/Secret Agent – Emre Schwartz
Jules/Vicky/Customer – Rache Springer
Derek/Tony – Nick Wade
Harriet/Carla – Adeyn West
Jasmine/Tori – Isabella Wood

Kannon Chaney, Kelsey Phillips and Addie Moss

Brooklyn Nikodim and Olivia Mintert

– Nancy O’Banion
Tech Director – Tiffany Bolin
Costume Director – Nancy O’Banion
Stage Managers
Noel Gray
Izac Wilson*
Light Operator – Maddox Lesmeister
Sound Operator – Alex Edge
Sound Consultant – Allison Pitts
Costume Crew
Kati Dodson
Addison Hallmark
Kayla Hoyt
Jolie Stone
Sidney Harris
Maddox Lesmeister
Key Grip – Tommy Givens
Projection Operators
Izzy Barnes
Kora Forester
Ella Burmingham
Alexys Chastain
Katie Melton
Set Building
Izzy Barnes
Kabian Branch
Rowland Branch
Kora Forester
Tommy Givens
Sidney Harris
Derak Noller
Allison Pitts