Five new streetlights to be installed in Oronogo

The Oronogo Board of Aldermen on Monday approved the locations for five new streetlights.

Board policy is to only install two new streetlights in each of the three wards per year.

One of the locations will light up a bus stop on North Grant Street at the intersection with the Ruby Jack Trail. Another will be placed near the lift station on North Grant Street.

Two lights will be in the Jason Place subdivision. One will be at the entrance, at Highway 96 and Jason Place Boulevard. The other will be where Ty and Sean courts meet at Jason Place Boulevard. Mayor Charles Wilkins noted 60 duplex units are being built in Jason Place.

The fifth light will be on the east side of Route D in the Homestead subdivision.

Tony Cantrell, superintendent of public works, noted that the city spends $30,000 per year in steetlight costs. Twenty of the streetlights are at bus stops.

Board member’s improper influence cited

Wilkins warned board members that improper use of their position for influence will not be tolerated.

He said he had been told by city employees that a board member had been abusive and rude to them and tried to go around them by contacting the Jasper County 911 Call Center.

Matt Kroutil (2nd Ward) admitted being frustrated by what he considered lack of action when he relayed a constituent complaint about someone living in a camper trailer.

“More than one person told me you were abusive to them,” said Wilkins.

He added that board members need to follow the chain of command by taking complaints to him instead of city employees.

Board members:

• Voted to pay $142,000 to G&G Construction as construction of the sewer improvement project continues.

• Approved an ordinance renewing the city’s contract with the Joplin Humane Society.

• Gave initial approval for the purchase of a new water meter reading system for $46,443 from United Systems.

• Were urged to participate in judging the Park Advisory Committee’s annual Christmas lighting contest.