Estella Way was the scene of a pit bull attack on Tuesday, Nov. 16.

Hero emerges to rescue young jogger attacked by two pit bulls

Municipal charges pending against owner of dogs and friend who was watching them

Ricky Ray is being hailed as a hero for coming to the rescue of an jogger who was being attacked by two pit bulls a week ago in a Webb City residential neighborhood.

In rescuing 18-year-old Nathan Peterson, Ray, 55, became the target of the vicious dogs. He posted pictures of multiple wounds on his legs and feet on Facebook and wrote about reoccurring nightmares.

Prior to seeking legal advice, Nathan’s father, Tron Peterson, wrote on Facebook that he believed God had brought Ray here from Tennessee to save his son’s life. 

If his neighbor down the street hadn’t been home that day and heard Nathan’s screams, Tron Peterson said his son wouldn’t be alive.

According to Police Chief Don Melton, officers were dispatched to the 1500 block of Estella Way (Anderson Estates subdivision) at 1:22 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 16, in regard to two dogs biting people.

They reported seeing Ray lying in a yard with his injuries being treated by emergency personnel.

Based on witness information, they report Nathan Peterson was jogging when two dogs escaped their fence and began attacking the jogger. Ray attempted to stop the attack and was in turn attacked by the two dogs.

Pit bulls have been banned in Webb City since June 2011, when the amending ordinance was initiated a pit bull got loose and nearly called a small dog being walked on a leash by his owner.

The ASPCA supports legislation in Missouri to ban breed-specific laws such as Webb City’s.

The officers determined the owner of the dogs had brought his dogs to Webb City for his female friend to watch while he was at work.

Charges of violating the pit bull ordinance, allowing dogs to run at large and harboring a vicious animal are pending in municipal court against both the owner of the dogs and the woman watching them.

The dogs have reportedly been removed from Webb City.