The first houses in Hawthorn Hills are nearing completion. Schuber Mitchell Homes plans to build more than 500 homes in the subdivision.

Homebuilding continues at a brisk pace in Oronogo

Bob Foos

Tony Cantrell, public works superintendent, reported to the Oronogo Board of Aldermen Monday that there are 14 buildings under construction.

Most are in the Hawthorn Hills, a planned urban development north of Dollar General on Highway 96. 

During their Feb. 13 meeting, board members approved a contract for natural gas lines to be installed in Greystone II’s fifth phase.

Excessive speed by drivers in the North Village neighborhood, especially on Amber Drive, was discussed.

A petition was presented with a large number of signatures asking for more police presence and more speed limit signs.

However, Wilkins said more speed limits have been installed and the police have been monitoring that area since the petition was circulated. From statistics provided by Police Chief Steven Weber, Wilkins said it appears there is no longer a high number of speeders. 

According to the latest stats, the average speed on Amber Drive was 19 mph.

Therefore, Wilkins said the situation has improved.

The board passed an ordinance imposing a 5% gross receipts tax on other forms of communication besides telephones.

City Attorney Derek Snyder said the goal is to remove ambiguity. In addition to telephones, the city will collect tax from companies providing cable, satellite and internet to customers in Oronogo.

It was reported that Best Construction has belatedly repaired a fence and restored a lawn that it had damaged in the process of installing a sewer main last year.

Cantrell reported that two street lights have been installed on Grant Street. Two others are to be installed, one at the entrance to Jason Place (on Highway 96) and the other at the entrance to Weatherstone (on Route D).