Frank Quagliano, of Soldier Solutions, unloads 50 backpacks singlehandedly, to the amazement of Chad Jackson and Kasha Lindley.

Hope for 22 a Day arrives for Route 66 Cruise-A-Palooza weekend

Bob Foos

Hope for 22 a Day executives Chad Jackson, Kasha Lindley and Jared Lindley discuss the mission of their organization as they arrive in Webb City to take part in Route 66 Cruise-A-Palooza.

Hope for 22 a Day officials and friends from around the country arrived in Webb City Wednesday evening to prepare for this weekend’s Route 66 Cruise-A-Palooza festival in King Jack Park.

This will be the city’s 14th festival (formerly Springtime on Broadway) and the fifth time it’s held at the Mining Days Community Building and amphitheater.

Erin Turner said she and other organizers thought, “Maybe we should have a cause.”

That intention has led to the partnership with Hope for 22 a Day, a veterans support organization that focuses on mental health and supporting active soldiers, veterans and especially veterans without homes.

22 refers to the average number of veterans who commit suicide each day.

Turner says suicide hits close to home for city staff because “two of our own families” have been affected. Most recently, police Cpl. Jacob Williams died July 3.

A large portion of the event’s proceeds will be donated to Hope for 22 a Day to provide more backpacks for homeless veterans and to develop an app all veterans can use on their phones.

Kasha Lindley, of Altus, Okla., a military wife, founded the organization and promotes it on TikTok.

Arriving with her were the organization’s two other top executives, her husband, Jared Lindley, active Air Force, and Chad Jackson, retired Air Force, of Dothan, Ala.

This will be the inaugural event for the organization, which plans to shuttle visitors from the Springfield airport and offered discounted rates for those booking early to stay at the Sleep Inn in Webb City.

Hope for 22 a Day will also provide live entertainment, Pin-Up Girls and a chance to meet 20 popular social media influencers. There will also be a benefit auction of donated items such as jewelry and sports memorabilia.

Route 66 Cruise-A-Palooza will start at noon Friday and go longer than usual (10 p.m.) on the first day because of the Hope for 22 a Day entertainment. Maddy Anderson and special guest Oh Sammy! will be featured on stage Friday night.

The event will resume at 10 a.m. Saturday and conclude after the fireworks show at 10 p.m.

Highlights planned for Saturday include the Boomtown Car/Truck/Bike Show and 17 pit masters competing in the Route 66 Cruise-A-Palooza Rib-Off, sponsored by Creek Crew Catering. Barbecue will be available to purchase.

A review of dance and vocal music directed by Carolyn McGowan will start the live entertainment at 10 a.m. Saturday. On stage will be:


Ember Allen, Aria Alfaro, Adri Ayres, Allyson Briley, Zahra Bruner, Vivian Channel, Madelyn Edwards, Dezirae Gatas, Adalia Hermoso, Fiona Kamler-McKenzie, Adelaide Lujan, Aili McFall, Elease McFall, Andrew McGowan, Carolina Perez, Isaac Perez, Nathan Perez, Zach Pettit, Lily Powell, Taylor Reaves, Zion Reed, Titus Reed, Gwen Reed,Vera Stebbins, Sophie Stoebel, Annie Streeter, Emma Streeter, Mary Streeter, Paola Zavala.


Elijah Brown, Melissa Holt Nance, Gabby Nance, JJ Ramos, Austin Prince, Ethan Hoover, Andrew McGowan, Terrence O’Brien, Zach Pettit, Sophie Stoebel, Emma Streeter and Michaela West.


Allyson Briley, Cathy Hall, Hannah Hilsabeck, Aili McFall, Elease McFall, Andrew McGowan, Ashlie Reed,Brianna Simpson, Sophie Stoebel, Kristen Stremel, Symone Wilson and Soledad Zavala.

At last check of the Webb City Community Event Calendar on Facebook, these are the vendors signed up to be at Route 66 Cruise-A-Palooza:


  • Bounce Bros

  • Joplin Concrete Company

  • Missouri Army National Guard


  • Carthage Humane Society

  • Emergency Management Vehicles

  • Teddy Bear Mobile

  • Wheels for Freedom Monster Truck


  • Prairie Mountain

  • Trackside Burgers & BBQ

  • Adelia’s Kitchen LLC

  • Bearly Wrapped

  • Billy Jack’s Root Beer

  • Brian’s Beverages

  • Creek Crew Catering & BBQ

  • Exotic Sno Cones

  • Holy Tacos

  • Kona Ice of Joplin

  • Simplykettlecorn.

  • Smack Dabs LLC

  • Tombstone Beverage Company

  • Trackside Burgers & BBQ

  • Twisted Pineapple


  • Beard Engine Brewing Co.

  • Christines Vineyard

  • Flag City Brewing

  • Just A Taste Webb City


  • Angie Kay + Co

  • Auntie Sal’s Emporium LLC.

  • Brent’s Art Gallery

  • Caring Hands Home Services and More LLC

  • Definitely Different Boutique

  • Designs by Skye

  • Dirt Bike Days

  • DJ and God Were Nuts For You

  • Holly•Mer•Clay

  • Jamie’s Crochet Creations

  • Lady J’s Sweets

  • Live, Laugh, Love Creations

  • Nettie’s Nook

  • Paula Parsons – Pink Zebra

  • Rae of sunshine boutique

  • Pepper-Ridge Farms Hot Sauce

  • Pippi Longstocking – Tami Erin

  • Rob’s Tumblers and Crafts

  • Stoners Corner Snack and Bead Shack

  • Sweet Blueberry Fields

  • Tabetha’s Treasures

  • Tim Billingsley

  • aliceCBD

  • CL NutritionWebb City Church of the

  • Nazarene

  • Hopefor22aday – 20 social media influencers

  • Pin-Up Girls