HTeaO is under construction on the southwest corner of Madison and Eighth streets.

HTeaO will serve 25 flavors of fresh-brewed iced tea

HTeaO is the store under construction at Madison and Eighth streets.

Although HTeaO specilaizes in 25 flavors of fresh-brewed iced tea, you can also get regular and espresso-base coffees there, as well as iced coffee and hot chocolate.

There will be two lanes that merge to one at the pick-up window. Entrances and exits are on Madison Street and Eighth Street. There are 28 parking spaces. Ornamental trees and shrubs will be on the perimeter of the property.

The 1,772 square-foot building includes a showroom in the front, where you can choose among the different flavors and serve yourself. The brewing center is in the back.

NWA-SWM Alpha Tea Co., of Norman, Okla., is listed as the owner of the $1,000,000 property.