JASCO 9-1-1 sales tax increase passes with 72% majority: 2,921-1,110

Additional receipts will convert all agencies’ to one radio system compatible with the state’s

Jasper County Emergency Services received a big majority vote in favor of its tax increase Tuesday.

Of the 4,043 casting ballots across the county, 2,921 (72.46%) voted yes, and 1,110 voted no. Only 5% of the county’s registered voters went to the polls.

Turnout was especially low in Webb City, where County Clerk Charlie Davis reports the average turnout in the city’s four precincts was 2.22%. The 9-1-1 question was the only issue on the ballot in Webb City.

The highest turnout percentage, 9.21%, was recorded in the precinct encompassing Alba, Neck City and Purcell.

That’s because a quarter (26.25%) of Purcell’s registered voters came out to decide whether the city’s water and waste water systems should be sold to Missouri American for $200,000. 

The outcome was definitely one-sided (93.65%), with 59 yes votes and only 4 no votes.

Also approved was the Oronogo Fire Protection District’s tax increase. It was approved 123 yes (65.08%) to 66 no. Turnout was 6.31%.

Joplin received resounding approval to renew its parks and storm water sales tax. The vote was 1,566 (78.73%) yes to 423 no. Turnout was 7.06%.

Carthage voters barely approved collection of a local use tax, 271 (50.56%) yes to 265 no. Voters were promised that during the first three years 40% of the amount collected will be used to improve parks, 30% for public safety, and 30% for roads and bridges.

911 increase to fund radio system conversion

The Jasper County Emergency Services 9-1-1 Board asked for the tax increase primarily to pay the cost of converting all of the first-responder agencies to one compatible radio system. That includes not only JASCO 9-1-1’s expense but also the costs incurred by the agencies. First responders using the new radios will also be able to communicate with anyone on the state-compatible system

JASCO also plans to replace its 9-1-1 phone system to ensure rapid dispatching of all emergency and non-emergency calls to all agencies and to connect with other 9-1-1 centers.

The current sales tax rate of .01% ($1 per $1,000 spent) was approved in August 1994.

The newly approved rate is .025% ($2.50 per $1,000 spent).

Jasper County officials report that receipts from the .01% tax last year amounted to $2,056,744.

If the new .024% tax were collected, the receipts would instead have been $5,141,860.

The increase will bring the total Jasper County sales tax from 1.225% to 1.375%.

.375% General Fund

.250% Road and Bridge

.250% JASCO 9-1-1

.250% Law Enforcement

.250% Capital Improvements

1.375% TOTAL

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