Carterville Elementary Students of the Month

(FRONT) Rylan, Isabella, Owen, Nolan, Indie, Lyric, Aniyah. (BACK) Ezra, Jaxon, Emilio, Ava, Peyton, Halle, Aiden and Breckyn.

Lauren Thompson photo

Kids with integrity

Younger Webb City students during February learned ways to have integrity

They focused on telling the truth, admitting it when they’re wrong, doing the right thing even when no one is looking, being true to self, offering to help others in need, building people up, being reliable, taking responsibility for your own actions, and being humble.

Madge T. James Kindergarten Cardinal Characters

(FRONT) Davina O, Leslie G, Adalynne Z, Lydia B, Jack S, Oliver B, Alisabeth R, Cambry M, Benjamin L. (BACK) Aijah C, Finley M, Margaret B, Lydia B, Krista D, Isabella K, Liam R, Kyoshi W.

Tammy Talent photo

Mark Twain Elementary MVPs

Honored as MVPs at Mark Twain Elementary’s recent Game Day assembly were: (TOP) Savannah, Conner, Paisley, and Nephthali. (MIDDLE) Gabrielle, and Kris. (BOTTOM) Carroline, Gisselle, Charlottle and Kathrin.

Brooke Roy photo