Amazing crowd for a trolley celebration at Lakeside Park.

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Lakeside opening day left News Herald reporter in awe

Webb City Area Genealogical Society

April 10, 2024

Lakeside Park’s swinging bridge over Center Creek.

Through the long lanes of booths and over the grassy lawns, thousands of people wandered, enjoying the open air and the beauty of Lakeside park, which opened yesterday. The day was “classy,” the kind that the people love to get out and away from the city.

The boats, the baseball game, the balloon ascension, the band concert and many other attractions furnished amusement for the crowds. The only thing that marred the whole day was the fall of the approach which leads up to the swinging bridge. This was caused by the weight of more than 100 people.

Several children, one woman and a man were slightly injured.

Shortly before noon people began to flock to the popular resort. At 2 o’clock in the afternoon the grounds were black with pleasure seekers. The bath house was not in demand, as the water was below melting point.

The close game of baseball caused much sport for the lovers of the national game, and this was followed shortly after by the balloon ascension. The trip of the aeronaut was a “hair raiser” for the strong wind made the ascension dangerous.

The park itself was clad in its best “duds” for the opening. Here and there through the deep fringe of trees American flags waved, adding much color to the beauty. At night when the thousands of incandescent lights illuminated the scene the effect was grand. The countless numbers of pedestals were Meccas for the little clusters of lights. On the whole the opening was one of the most successful of the park’s history.

Joplin News Herald, May 9, 1910

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