The southwest corner of the roundabout has come closer to being developed since Shane Burns has obtained all of the properties between Centennial Street (coming south off the roundabout), Tracy Street, Fourth Street and Elliott Street.

Lots on southwest corner of roundabout now under one owner

Commercial deal would benefit real-estate investor Shane Burns and the city

Could the next wave of development around the roundabout be on the southwest corner?

Shane Burns hopes so. The real estate investor has completed the purchase of 10 lots that will open up the area east and west between Centennial and Elliott streets and north and south between Fourth and Tracy streets.

“I’m excited about Shane’s project,” says City Administrator Carl Francis. “He’s invested a lot of money.”

And he adds that Burns’ investment could also become a real benefit for the city. “The City Council just wants to see it developed commercial.”




Enterprise Avenue in the Joplin-Webb City Industrial Park is being milled and repaved. It’s a Joplin project, but Webb City is required to pay its share.


Improvement of the sidewalk/trail from the Frisco Greenway Trail to the Praying Hands is expected to begin soon. This curvy section is on the north side of MacArthur Drive. Making it compliant with the American with Disabilities Act is main purpose of the project, which is being conducted by the Missouri Department of Transportation.

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