Partners Jonathan Derryberry and Malorie Stanley show their winning moves to the Dancing with the Stars judges and audience Saturday night in the Cardinal Dome.

Malorie Stanley and Jonathon dance away with the coveted Mirror Ball Trophies

Bob Foos

Colt Taylor and Caitlin Bever-Miller win second place.

Malorie Stanley and her partner Jonathon Derryberry won the Mirror Ball Trophies, signifying first-place in the annual Dancing with the Stars contest.

Prizes were determined by judges and fan voting, both in person and on Facebook. The event is sponsored by Webb City High School Project Graduation.

Seniors are paired with community members as their dance partners. Colt Taylor won second place with his partner, Caitlin Bever-Miller. 

Brayden Waggoner and Leanne Royer were the third-place dancers and Facebook favorites.

Averey Terry and Chase Bullman won best costume, while Elli Dodson and Trey Moeller were the judges’ favorites.

Third-place dancers and Facebook Favorites, Leanne Royer and Brayden Waggoner.

Judges’ favorites, Trey Moeller and Ellie Dodson.

Best costume winners, Chase Bullman and Averey Terry.

First place winners Jonathan Derryberry and Malorie Stanley.