BBC Electric employees Melvin Childers and Talon Burkhart hang nets on the poles at the TeeTime driving range to redirect stray golf balls when the facility opens this summer.

Nets to snag stray golf balls are strung on TeeTime's 29 poles

TeeTime will feature four pickleball courts in addition to its golf driving range.

Bob Foos

TeeTime is a month or so away from opening, but it’s already an attraction for us watching as the high-tech driving range with pickleball courts takes shape.

In the last few weeks, we’ve watched 29 poles be erected and strung together with nets to keep stray balls from leaving the range.

The poles step up in height from 80 feet in the front to 120 feet in the back.

The range may be only 210 yards long, but Jon Johnson, one of the owners, says, “It’s going to take a big drive to get it over the back net.”

Now that the nets are hung, the next steps to complete the range are to grade the surface, install the subgrade, lay the turf and place the ball sensors.

The high-tech part is inside, where the drive bay stations are being installed and connected to a central system.

And then there’s the kitchen to get ready.

Johnson hedged when asked for an approximate opening date. “Soon,” is all he’d say.

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