Novice debaters take 2nd in sweepstakes at Monett Tourney

Webb City speech and debate coach Tiffany Bolin congratulates her novice team for taking second place in sweepstakes at Monett last weekend. Along with the team trophy, the following individuals brought home some hardware of their own:

Maddy Jones: 1st in Story, 4th in OO

Norah Klosterman: 1st in Poetry

Hope Shinn: 1st in Info, 5th in USX

Tionna Clevenger: 2nd in Poetry, 3rd in Prose

Collin Shea: 2nd in DI, 2nd in HI

Kaitlyn Dobbs: 3rd in POI

Zach Warren: 3rd in HI

Molly Owens: 4th in POI

Tess Decker: 6th in Info

Em Morris: 6th in POI

Laramy Wald: 7th in USX


Varsity students also distinguished themselves at the Cassville Tournament.

Devin Tusinger: 2nd in Original Oratory

Jace Jones: 3rd in Lincoln Douglas

Austin Dye: 4th in Public Forum

Evan Garrison: 4th in Congress

Kooper Newberry: 4th in Public Forum

The whole team is currently ranked 121st in the nation, 16th in the state, and 2nd in the district. The following students earned national degrees this weekend:

Devin Tusinger- Special Distinction with 543 points

Nina Nguyen-Distinction with 272 points

Camryn Klosterman-Distinction with 268 points

Hope Shinn-Honor with 105 points

Em Morris-Honor with 81 points

Zach Warren-Honor with 76 points

Mikel Mullins-Merit with 43 points

Elijah Rogers-Merit with 33 points