G&G Construction is digging for the installation of a new lift station on Ivy Road across from the Oronogo Cemetery as part of the city’s sewer expansion project.

Oronogo accepts demolition bid, goes to court next to take down house it doesn’t own

The Oronogo Board of Aldermen moved forward Monday toward demolition of a house at 356 S. Fourth St.

The owner had wanted more time to bring the house up to code, but the board decided the 10 months that had already been granted was enough and called for demolition bids.

Two sealed bids were opened, of which the lowest, $5,800, was accepted from Nelson Enterprises, of Webb City.

Kima Francis (3rd Ward) suggested the house be offered to the fire department to use as a fire-fighting training exercise.

City Attorney Derek Snyder said the next step will be to obtain an administrative warrant in municipal court. That will be necessary to go onto the property. He noted that it could be contested by the owner.

In other action, the board approved a motion to purchase a pipe and cable locator at a cost of $5,090 from Schulte Supply, of Independence, Mo.

Payments of $24,694 to G&G Construction and $7,079 to Allgeier Martin engineering in relation to the ongoing sewer expansion project were approved

Amendments to the Sunshine Law portion of the city code were approved that will:

  • Allow the city clerk to refuse a public records request for all utility bills per user. A request for a total of the utility bills over a period could be granted.
  • Allow the city clerk to waive copy fees if the amount and time required are insignificant. Otherwise, copies are 10 cents each, or the board may be asked to waiver the fees.

Carol Feathers, 725 N. Grant St., asked the board to consider installing a street light where the Ruby Jack Trail intersects with Grant Street. She said she recently took a scared neighbor girl to school because it was dark and two “questionable” people were at the crossing. She also said that a bench she had outside has been vandalized twice.