Oronogo Board does away with all COVID-19 restrictions

Check out the city’s new website

Oronogo has officially ended the COVID-19 restrictions  it put into effect in March 2020, including limits on the size of gatherings.

The Oronogo Board of Aldermen on Monday approved two ordinances repealing the temporary measures that were enacted as part of a nationwide state of emergency.

The continued decline in community spread of COVID-19 and the reduction in deaths and hospitalizations were cited as reasons for the relaxation of precautions.


The board voted unanimously to approve the city’s new website and to launch it as soon as possible.

Click here to take a look at the new website https://www.oronogomo.org.


Mayor Charles Wilkins said that noticing a new in-ground pool being built caused him to realize the only permit the city can require under its current codes is an excavation permit.

He suggested that construction of in-ground pools fall under regulations in the International Building Code, which the city has generally adopted.

“My biggest concern is safety – not quality,” Wilkins said, with the main issue being electrical.

City Attorney Derek Snyder provided a code regarding swimming pools to review that is similar to Carl Junction’s.

The board voted to request the Planning and Zoning Board consider the matter.


Darrel Orender and Kima Francis, both representing the 3rd Ward, had opposing views on what the speed limit should be on County Road 215, the main access to the Webbwood and Greystone subdivisions.

In proposing the limit be raised to 35 mph, Orender said he’s lived in the area 15 years and feels 25 mph is a little bit low and unreasonable.

Francis said her 9-year-old son and other children go back and forth across the road on a daily basis and she feels 35 mph would be “completely unreasonable.”

Police Chief Steven Weaver said he could recall only one speeding ticket issued in the area during the month, and it was for going 50 mph. He also said that raising the limit to 35 mph would effectively mean the common speed would likely be 40 mph.

A motion for Snyder to attend the June 8 Board of Adjustments meeting was approved. He said it would also be helpful if at least one member of the board of aldermen to attend the meeting.

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