Oronogo city workers deal with freeze-related water, sewer problems

Bob Foos

Oronogo Public Works had to deal with a number of technical problems with the sewer and water systems during the recent deep freeze.

Tony Cantrell, superintendent of public works, had a longer report than usual for the Board of Aldermen during their regular meeting Monday. “There have been a lot of failures and bad timing,” he said. Luckily, he said he was able to make corrections to aert sewage overflows. 

At 3 a.m. one morning, the system communicating between the wells and water towers malfunctioned, making the wells run continuously and overflow both towers. The problem was solved rather quickly by changing the settings manually until the faulty part could be replaced.

Cantrell said he and G&G Construction have taken steps to keep the same problems from reocurring in the future.

Mayor Charles Wilkins acknowledged public works employees were “stressed, but they did well. We appreciate it.”

Besides the city’s problems, Cantrell noted water had to be shut off a many homes because of frozen-pipe breaks, and there were some meters that froze up.

In other action, the board unanimously approved Wilkins’ appointment of Mercedes Lewis to the park advisory board.