Oronogo children can expect to see a saucer swing set like this in their park this summer.

ABCreative photo

Oronogo Council orders new park equipment

Bob Foos

The purchase of a major piece of playground equipment for Oronogo’s city park was approved Monday by the Board of Aldermen.

As recommended by Kima Francis, liason to the park advisor board, the city will purchase a Palmetto twin saucer swing for $14,270 from ABCreative, of Desoto, Kan.

Each swing can be used by one or more children at the same time.

Francis said the park advisory board considered alternative pieces of playground equipment, but the saucer swings seemed like the right piece of equipment because it can be used by children with disabilaties and by children of all ages.

The purchase of the swing set is an indication the city is in a position to begin spending more on the park.

Oronogo’s annual citywide garage sale is set for May 2 – 4, to coincide with Webb City’s. The council voted to waive the garage-sale fee during the annual event.

The citywide cleanup, as usual, will be held on the following Saturday, May 11. Residents will be able to throw their junk into a dumpster that will be at City Hall from 8 a.m. to noon.

A Blevins Asphalt bid of $179,375 was accepted for the repaving portions or all of four streets: Tiffney Lane/Drive, Jason Place Boulevard, Country Road 215 and North Graystone Square.

TankSpek Corporation’s bid of $28,600 was accepted to clean and inspect one of the city’s water towers.