Oronogo Council prohibits short‑term rentals

Bob Foos

You won’t see any short-term rentals in Oronogo on the Airbnb.com map. And you never will – legal ones anyway.

The Oronogo Board of Aldermen on Monday unanimously approved an ordinance prohibiting short-term rentals within the city.

Mayor Charles Wilkins said there have been inquiries about starting short-term rentals (commonly known as Airbnbs).

But after seeing complaints in surrounding communities, including Webb City and Joplin, Wilkins said they thought they would just head off any problems before they started.

Public hearings were held by the Oronogo Planning and Zoning Committee and board of aldermen.

The ordinance states the board finds “the short-term rental of all or a portion of residences is not in keeping to the stability, shared commitment and sense of community that gives the City of Oronogo its exceptional and unique quality, and that such rentals conflict with the neighborhood environment that makes single family areas special, welcoming and desirable.”

The council also passed an ordinance allowing privacy fences to extend from the back yard to the midway point of the house.

Wilkins reported there were two recent incidents at City Hall involving unruly customers.

“For whatever reason there is more unruly behavior,” he said. “We need to think about protecting our employees.

“Our employees are very valuable assets.”

Fortunately, he said the police station next door to the city offices was staffed during the incidents he cited. But the police are not always present.