Oronogo home builder warned not to switch subcontractors

Oronogo is taking a stand against home builders who change subcontractors after their building permit is issued.

Mayor Charles Wilkins announced during the Board of Aldermen meeting Monday that the building permit for Allied Home Construction to build a house at 1076 Alexsandra Circle (Northtown Village area) has been revoked because the subcontractors are not the same as listed on the permit.

In fact, Wilkins said he contacted a subcontractor on the list and was informed that the firm had not done work for Allied Home Construction since 2017.

A hearing on the matter may possibly be set up to take place prior to the next board meeting on Feb. 28.

Also, City Attorney Derek Snyder noted that Allied has been cited for building a fence without a permit.

Earlier in the meeting, Wilkins told builder Travis Shafer that his subcontractors need to be licensed and that changing subcontractors is grounds for revocation of a building permit if the city is not notified.

Shafer’s attorney, Steven Hays, appeared before the board to reverse the denial of Shafer’s request for a building permit. 

Wilkins said the permit was denied because the city didn’t know the lot had been split and had assumed Shafer intended to build a subdivision.

Snyder said there was confusion because it appeared there was only one lot at 109 S. Baker St. for both houses. It was learned, though, that the lot had been split in two but not approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission.

A building permit will be issued for 105 S. Baker St., and the board voted to reimburse Shafer for half of the building permit fee, $222.59.

Sewer line contract change

In preparation to replace a primary sewage line, the city basically approved a change order to build a field-entrance driveway for access the project at a cost of $4,000. 

It will be on property owned by Tom and Patty Gamble, who agree to reimburse the city in the amount of $2,500. 

In other action, the board:

• Approved a number of salary increases for police and administrative personnel.

• Approved the purchase of a Scag Turf Tiger II 61j-inch mower from S&H Farm Supply for $17,500.

• Approved a second easement to the storm water drainage system in the Greystone II subdivision to allow the city maintenance access.