Construction of the first Methodist church building in Oronogo was completed in 1872. It was destroyed 11 years later in 1883.

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Oronogo Methodists rebuilt after their first building was destroyed by a tornado

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June 12, 2024

Around 1872, residents of Oronogo saw the need for a church building and decided to meet in the K. S. Geer store to make plans to organize one. This store was chosen because it was the only store in the community that did not have an open barrel of whiskey in the back room.

A building that was undergoing construction was purchased from the Presbyterians who could not finish the structure.

The Oronogo Methodist Church held its first services in the completed building in 1872. Unfortunately this building was destroyed by a cyclone that hit the town on Sunday, May 13, 1883, just before the time for church services. The structure was rebuilt and as the congregation grew the building was remodeled several times.

In 1945, a building committee met to make plans to add a basement to the church. It was decided to construct a basement just east of the church and move the building over it. In 1946, ground was broken for the basement with excavation done by the Mutual Mining Company through the courtesy of Guy Waring.

Men and women of the church spent evenings pouring concrete for the foundation. The church building was then moved onto the new foundation.

A brief history of the church from 1997 notes the large windows were replaced due to age and the bell had been removed from the belfry to a platform in front of the church.

In 1946, the Oronogo Methodists decided on a novel way to have a basement under their building.  They built the basement and then moved the existing building on top of it.

A church gathering in the 1920s.

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