Concrete is pumped into forms creating a wet well (or holding tank) that will be 20 feet in diameter and 22 feet tall.

Oronogo’s big sewer project is taking shape as first of two lift stations is under construction

Chris Patton, of G&G Construction tells the concrete pump operator to cut off the flow. The other two workers are operating a concrete vibrator.

The first of Oronogo’s two new lift stations is under construction on Ivy Road across from the Oronogo Cemetery.

Mayor Charles Wilkins says the new lift stations, which are replacing smaller old lift stations, will be of sufficient capacity to handle the city’s growth for at least 50 years.

The city will start with two pumps in the wet well currently under construction but will have the option to add a third well as needed.

In addition to replacing the lift stations, the city is installing larger pipe to the Center Creek 201 Wastewater Treatment Plant. To do so, the contractor, G&G Construction, will have to bore beneath Ivy Road, County Road 230 and Center Creek.

Wilkins says that if you want to see what $186,000 worth of pipe looks like, you can see it stored within the entrance gate to the treatment plant.

An existing pipe coming from the north end of the city will empty into this wet well before it is pumped to the treatment plant.

Passersby on County Road 230 (North Madison Street) at the treatment plant can now see $186,000 worth of pipe being stored for the Oronogo sewer improvement project.