Players of the Week-7

Players of Week-7 chosen by their coaches are: (STANDING) Nate Miller (75), offensive line; Brendan LaMae (53), defensive line; Jace Jones (92), defensive end; Kyler Wood (38), defensive line. (RIDING) Gabe Johnson (3), quarterback; Cooper Nielson (63), offensive line; Conner Gayman (33), defensive back.

Senior Night

The last home game of the regular season means Senior Night will be celebrated Friday.

Head coach Ryan McFarland says, “I couldn’t have asked for a better group of young men to have as seniors for my first year in this role. They have done everything we have asked from the first day of off-season workouts back in January. This is a fun group to be around, but they have the ability to flip a switch when it is time to get to work. I am looking forward to watching these guys lead us for the rest of the season.

“Elli Dodson and Elizabeth Doman are our senior managers. These two will be missed as well. They do so much for our program and we couldn’t manage without them.”

(FRONT) Elli Dodson, Brett Korth, Cooper Boyd, Braden McKee, Drew Vonder Haar, Breckin Galardo, Payton Marshall, Elizabeth Doman.

(2nd ROW) Omari Jackson, “Aaron Bell, Alex Dunne, Colton Taylor, Bryce Dickinson.

(3rd ROW) Decian Long, Conner Gayman, Christian Brock, Jordan Dickinson, Jordan Howard, Rowdy Webb.

(4th ROW) Jordan Mason, Shaun Hunt, Dakota Harms, Hunter Shull, Christian Limon.

(5th ROW) Nathan Jacks, Max Bradley, Bronson Collard, Anthony Morris, Kole Carr, Nate Miller.

(TOP) Tucker Liberatore, Jonah Spieker, Cooper Heilbrun, Stephen Brown And Jace Jones.