Little Pawn

by Janea Speer

My whole life, I admired the King and Queen.
Serene, graceful, and applauded.
Powerful and strong….aggressive.

Yet hiding behind the defenses of the lesser pieces.
As I became older, I pondered the knight or the bishop,
how they could think outside the box and level the playing field.

But, in my older years, I admire the pawn.
The one to first enter the fray with honest courage.
Who risks much although so little…..
One by one, swiped from the board unceremoniously and yet…
Relentless, undeterred, defiant against odds so stacked heavily against.

Yes, some days even the little pawn sees glory
when faced with such intimidating adversaries.

Just Rambling But With a Point

by E. Gene Holden

While reading the newspaper the other day
I came upon the classified page
Of wants and needs and give away
In this modern world of computer age
To place an ad requires some thought
Of things to sell or others sought
But if you are old and not much gold
I guess I’ll consider all things sold
And tell the world (I have to gloat)
I have no boat, not even a goat
So all I’ll have is a big fuzzy coat
But what I wrote is not so great
‘Cause I’ve already passed the Big Double Eight
Of all the empty words I’ve written
Remains “life’s love”, I called her kitten
She left me here to go it alone, she could not stay
It was her time and she had paved the way
So here I’ll be, just hanging on
‘Till God calls me to my eternal home
It will be great, just seeing her
And all my family and friends I’ve known
So my life will close without a look
At the things I’ve done, both good and bad
They will remain until I stand before God
And He opens the Book, as we know He will
So I’ll take the coat, put it in a tote
And stash it where I placed my vote
Need a quote? Make a note
“This could be my very last election”
Point being:
This life is short, and getting shorter
So let’s finish Jesus’ work as we orta.

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F.C. Shultz

F.C. Shultz, of Webb City, has been selected as one of  the Missouri Arts Council Featured Artists for the month of February. He has published books of fiction, poetry and musings on writing. And you can watch him do a reading on his website, fcshultz.com.

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