The Whataburger restaurant at 714 S. Madison St. is coming up fast. It’s joining Scooter’s Coffee and Domino’s Pizza to the north.

Popeye’s and Whataburger are changing the South Madison landscape

Bob Foos


Those two new restaurants you see coming up rapidly on South Madison Street represent a total valuation of $4.45 million – and the hope for increased city sales tax receipts.

City Administrator Carl Francis said he’s been told we can expect Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen to open before the end of February.

At 903 S. Madison St., Happy Hen Inc., of Thousand Oaks, Calif., estimates the building’s value at $1,750,000. Happy Hen is acting as its own general contractor.

Across the street, at 714 S. Madison St., Whataburger, of San Antonio, Texas, values its new building at $2,700,000. Pinnacle Construction is the general contractor.

Whataburger’s home base is in San Antonio. There are more than 930 Whataburger restaurants in 14 states.

Both restaurants will offer dine-in and drive-through service.

Construction announcements are anticipated soon for at least two more businesses on South Madison Street.

One of them is the previously mentioned HTeaO on the southwest corner of Eighth and Madison streets.

You may think we have enough coffee places now, but there’s a rumor that another drive-through one has selected a spot on South Madison Street.


Happy Hen Inc. is planning on welcoming customers in February to its Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen at 903 S. Madison St.