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PSC approves sale of Oronogo natural gas system to Spire

It was announced Wednesday that the Missouri Public Service Commission has approved the voter-approved sale of Oronogo’s municipal natural gas system to Spire.

Both the city and Spire have been waiting for the PSC to act for more than a year.

On Nov. 2, 2021, a small portion of Oronogo’s eligible voters overwhelmingly approved the sale of the city’s natural gas system to Spire Inc.

Of the total 87 votes cast, 55 (63.22%) were in favor of the sale, and 32 were against it. Voter turnout was only 5.26% of the 1,653 registered voters.

The sale price is $520,000 for the existing system plus an amount to be determined to reimburse the city for what it has spent to extend service within the Greystone II and Hawthorn Hills subdivisions.

In approving the application, the PSC determined: 1) There is a need for the service; 2) Spire is qualified to provide the proposed service; 3) Spire has the financial ability to provide the service; 4) Spire’s proposal is economically feasible; and 5) The service promotes the public interest.

“There is a need for the service, as the Oronogo customers approved the sale and desire continued natural gas service,” according to a PSC statement. “In addition, Spire intends to replace aging infrastructure and bring Oronogo’s natural gas distribution system into compliance with existing and new industry standards.”

The Oronogo system currently has 334 customers.