P&Z advances plat for 31 additional lots in Cardinal Pointe and rezoning to make an apartment house legal

Clark Lane to join Prier and Brewster lanes off Fountain Road east of Oronogo Street

A third phase of Cardinal Pointe subdivision and belated rezoning for an apartment house will go before the Webb City Council with the Planning and Zoning Commission’s blessing.

At their meeting Monday, commission members voted unanimously to advance both requests.

Schuber Mitchell Homes is completing the Cardinal Pointe subdivision, by adding Clark Lane to the east of Prier and Brewster lanes. The property was purchased from the Gary L. Hall Trust.

Before the commission was Cardinal Pointe Plat 3, which includes 31 lots on 7 acres.

The north side of the subdivision is adjacent to the south boundary of King Jack Park. Fountain Road is on the south. All three lanes, Prier, Brewster and Clark, will be linked on the north by 15th Street. An industrial zone is on the east.

Some Brewster Lane residents appeared at the hearing to inquire about a storm-water drainage problem.

Joshua Oathout, representing Anderson Engineering, told them their situation will improve because his firm has designed a way to divert a majority the storm water they’re dealing with to drain underneath Clark Street.

City Administrator Carl Francis said public works staff members have reviewed the plat and have no concerns.

The other request the commission dealt with came from Tom Perry, who said he needs to rezone the house at 215 S. Ball Street before he can sell it.

He said the house, which he has owned for 35 years, had a mother-in-law apartment built in it in 1902. There are now three apartments.

A neighbor appeared to complain about Perry’s renters going in and out of the alley constantly and being noisy.

“I try to rent to nice people,” Perry said. One way he tried was to install washers and dryers. “I’ve found out people who want clean clothes make better renters.”

Proposed ordinances to approve the Cardinal Pointe plat approval and Perry rezoning requests could be on the city council agenda as soon as July 12.

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