The new trail is northwest of the intersection of Madison Street (on the right) and Hawthorne Road.

Second public trail in Cardinal Valley Habitat now ready

Randy Haas, manager of Cardinal Valley Habitat, announces that he has prepared a new public trail in the habitat.

It is located between Webb City and Oronogo on the west side of Madison Street (County Road 230). 

North of Hawthorne Road, look for the parking lot that Haas has recently completed.

Haas has mowed 1.3 miles of trail (yellow lines) within a boundary (red line) that extends west and north toward Center Creek.

“It will be muddy in a few places after rain, so keep that in mind, especially on the northern most trail,” says Haas. “There is an old railroad line through the property, which has a ridge on each side of it … kind of interesting.”

The first trail in Cardinal Valley Habitat is located north of Sharon Drive next to Carterville.