Sensors to be added to monitor every outside door in the district

Webb City School Board members took a step to make every school building more secure during their July meeting on Tuesday.

They accepted a bid of $47,208 from NetWatch to put a sensor on every outside door that already doesn’t have one in the district’s 13 buildings.

After the Uvalde, Texas, school shooting in May, board member David Collard requested that administrators obtain the quote.

Each building has secure entrances, but not every door to the outside is monitored. After installation, there will be an alert when any door is unlocked.

Administrators are also getting bids for the installation of security cameras at 30 more building entrances.

One of the summer projects is remodeling the junior high’s main entrance to increase its security.

Teachers get second personal day off

The board approved a recommendation that teachers be granted their long-time request to be allowed to take off two personal days with pay. 

They currently only get one personal day and up to five business days. Under this handbook amendment, the number of business days will be reduced to three. 

Kevin Cooper, assistant superintendent for business operations, said, “Every single year” the salary and welfare committee asks for an additional personal day.

He explained the difference between personal days and business days.

Personal days, granted no-questions-asked, can be used for anything, such as going shopping at Branson with friends. Whereas, a reason is asked before business days are granted and teachers are docked the cost of a substitute. Personal and business days are sometimes used when someone has run out of sick days.

In other action, the board:

• Announced that the previously approved purchase of acreage northwest of the baseball field has closed. About 10 years ago, an apartment complex had been planned for that property.

• Set the tuition for students from outside the district at $8,375, the current average cost per pupil spending.

• Approved a strategic plan for student support presented by Superintendent Tony Rossetti to be initiated before the new school year. It includes three positions:
– An additional English language learner teacher.
– A counselor focused on junior- and senior-high ELL students.
– A leadership position for diversity, equity and inclusion.
Within the first quarter, there will be professional development about being trauma-informed, safe environments for student learning, identifying and remediating bullying and harassment in social settings, and assisting students with mental health needs. Mental health and anti-bullying will also be addressed with student curriculum.

• Accepted resignations from:

– Nicole Lamont, special education teacher at Madge T. James Kindergarten Center.

– Rachael Muse, middle school special education teacher.

– Kortney Rush, kindergarten teacher at Madge T. James.

• Approved contracts for:

– Alexa Gillman, special education teacher at Madge T. James.

– Jordan Toscano, kindergarten teacher at Madge T. James.