Seven signing

Tom Mouser, William Wolfe, Grayson Smith, Lucas Ott, Trey Otts, Abi Street and Sophia Whitsell.

Seven Cardinals sign to keep playing

Signing day was a big deal Wednesday at Webb City High School as seven seniors made it known where they’ll take their athletic talents next year.

Those signing were:

  • Tom Mouser, football, Missouri S&T
  • William Wolfe, football, Pittsburg State University
  • Grayson Smith, track and field, Pittsburg State University
  • Lucas Ott, football, Arkansas State University
  • Trey Roets, football and track and field, William Jewell College
  • Abi Street, track and field, University of Kansas
  • Sophia Whitsell, swimming, University of Missouri-St. Louis


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