The market’s Kids Garden is alive with all types of little lives, like this pearl crescent butterfly. (RACHAEL LYNCH PHOTOS)

Soak up moments at the market

Say goodbye to Thursday markets for now, but stay tuned for some nice announcements

Rachael Lynch

SORRY the glitch this week caused the Thursday market information to be too late.

As the manager at Webb City Farmers Market, I am witness to some remarkable moments that others are not privy to. One such moment occurs this time of year and I’d like to tell you about it.

There is an experience when I leave work after the trailers are ushered home when the pavilion is dark and free. I walk out of the clunky kitchen doors and into the sweet dusk over King Jack Park. Sure, the summer heat is on full blast, along with the cicada bugs, but there is something refreshing in these types of incidents. I know some of you have cruised over here for an evening stroll and therefore know exactly what pleasant moment I speak of. When the air is hot but the breeze draws us in.

It’s the welcoming of our hot, humid Indian Summer, my favorite time of year. Just sayin’.

Early mums are now available at the E & O table.

The mums show up at the market and the sunsets are gorgeous. Then there’s eggplant, plus pumpkins! The tomatoes and peppers are flooding in, so good news, the salsa is in full swing at Oakwoods Farm and G.T.’s Sauce Stand.

Did you know the G.T. pico’s ingredients are sourced locally from Yang Family Farm, Braker Berry Farm, Lee Family Farm, and others with supplies available? I like cooperation.

I also like another “ation” ending word and that’s communication. So let me share a tidbit of informATION. Thursdays are ending. That’s right. We have had a nice run with our little Thursday market. This weekend, I and the board of directors will meet and discuss its future. Stay tuned in future weeks for more good news on this matter.

So if it is Wednesday night or early Thursday, and you’re reading this, good! It means you can come between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. Thursday for local produce shopping. These farms offer quality not found in the big stores and we have an EBT match program along with the Community Funded MWP (Market WIC Program) to help those households in need of a boost.

After this week, the market will still be OPEN Tuesday evenings from 4-7 p.m. and, of course, we are always Saturday mornings from 9 to noon.


The eye catching Thai eggplant, delicious when sliced, spiced and prepared as a meat substitute for various sandwich patties.

Mentioning Saturday has me thinking of this Saturday which I think is special but it won’t be in a flashy way. On the market stage, we will host musician Jonny Wood, the husband of one of our Summer Vista volunteers. Pretty neat! The dark-haired woman you saw helping kiddos water our garden this summer is Brittany Wood. She recently took a job at the Joplin Public Library and will be a great asset to her team in the children’s department.

Now, here’s the other big news about this Saturday. The morning so many of us missed last year is back. It’s the Four States Iris Society Sale. The yellow and white striped tent will be showcasing this group’s rare and common iris bulbs for sale. Come out between 9 and noon.

I have to go pack school lunches for Saturday morning but I will leave you with one more thing – I have this idea where fitness is somehow incorporated into our beloved market. We have been playing with a walking group on Saturday mornings.

Robin Green was our walk leader and Misty Phillips, of Misty Morning Farm, was her accomplice. They were joined a few times by customers. Once, a veterans group joined them for a morning stroll around the park.

If you are interested in our walking group please talk to me, we’d love to get it more organized with better attendance, because, you know what? Moments like the one I spoke of at the beginning of all these words, happen in the morning, too. We all deserve moments like that. I hope to see you guys for the last time on a Thursday this season, Saturday, or Tuesday night… or the next Saturday morning.

Rachael Lynch for author

Rachael Lynch

Rachael Lynch is the manager of the Webb City Farmers Market.  For more current updates, visit the market’s Facebook page.