State audit of Purcell is officially underway

Petition calling for audit signed by 84 residents

There’s a whistleblower hotline for those with pertinent information

Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway announced July 1 that her office has begun an audit of Purcell’s city government. Purcell residents requested the audit through the petition process.

“The petition audit process allows citizens to be engaged and ensure accountability with their local government,” Galloway said. “I look forward to conducting this independent review, and I encourage anyone with information to contact my Whistleblower Hotline.”

Under Missouri law, the State Auditor`s office may be called on to audit a political subdivision of the state if enough qualified voters of that entity request the audit. The petition audit from Purcell residents was submitted with 84 signatures; 64 signatures were required.

Individuals who would like to provide information for consideration in this or any audit can reach the Whistleblower Hotline at or by calling (800) 347-8597. Concerns may also be submitted anonymously online at

The upcoming audit was apparently common knowledge in the community and may have been a factor in a new mayor and all-new city council being elected in April.

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