A large room in the new Webb City Student Services Center is for meetings. The interior of the former American Legion Hall was stripped to the red iron structure for an entirely new layout.

Student Services Center is on schedule to be ready when school resumes

Through the frame of a doorway, Jonathan Benderman, of subcontractor Square Up, finishes sheetrock.

Through the frame of a doorway, Jonathan Benderman, of Square Up, finishes sheetrock.

Will the new Webb City Student Services Center be finished by the time school starts on Monday, Aug. 22?

Officials for the Webb City R-7 School District and general contractor, Crossland Construction, are confident it will be.

The center is being constructed inside the shell of the old American Legion and VFW Hall at 1000 N. Madison St.

School Board members voted to proceed with building the center in March. And demolition of the interior began almost as soon at the veterans moved out to their new facility, which was built south of their old building.

The school district bought the large American Legion building for $950,000 and swapped land with the veterans. The new veterans hall is on land that used to belong to the school district.

Now the district owns most of the land northwest of the intersection of Main Street and Stadium Boulevard. 

Adjacent to the center on the north is the district’s Heritage Preschool. That metal building was constructed as the VFW Hall. The VFW joined the American Legion under one roof.

To the west of the center is the district’s baseball field, which was originally built by the American Legion.

Additionally, the district has purchased nine acres northwest of the baseball field for $590,000. The seller was Ron Stenger, a Springfield developer who had intended to build an apartment complex there.


New interior layout

The center’s interior was stripped to the red iron support system because the room layout is totally reconfigured. It is being fully insulated, with new HVAC, electrical, and fire sprinkler systems.

It will look like a new building on the outside, too, because sheathing is being applied to the metal siding.

In addition to offices for Webb City CARES, professional development and special services, there will be a large meeting room. The school board in June approved a bid of $116,223 from Kansas City Audio-Visual to equip the room with the latest technology, especially for interaction with those attending meetings virtually.

Since it’s close to the baseball field, there will be a kitchen with concessions window on the west side of the building. There will also be dressing rooms for players and game officials and restrooms.

An indoor baseball practice area will be on the south end of the building.

The new Webb City Student Services Center is just south of the district’s Heritage Preschool.

Square Up employees Dallas Ellis and Jeff Reyes choose the shady side of the building to work on Tuesday morning as they attach sheathing to the metal siding of the former American Legion Hall.