More than 400 Academic Excellence medals are ready to be handed out during the annual Academic Awards event Monday in the Cardinal Dome.

Students recognized for academic excellence

Bob Foos

The Webb City School District on Monday recognized its students who excelled on the MAP test last year.

The congratulatory night began with 1,000 or so meals being served to the students and their parents.

Later in the Cardinal Dome, more than 400 bright, hard working students were introduced to the crowd as they received medals and certificates from their principals and teachers.

Brenten Byrd, associate superintendent for instructional services, led the students in a round of applause for the support they receive from their parents. And then he had the crowd applaud the students.

Superintendent Tony Rossetti acknowledged Webb City is known for its success in extra curricular activities but has a tradition in excelling in academics as well.

Byrd urged the students to keep working hard because the MAP test is coming up again before the end of the school year.