Police and other first responders block traffic on Broadway in front of the Webb City Police Department, where a bomb was brought in a white van by Scotty Hettinger (foreground).

Suspect bomb causes two-hour evacuation of downtown block

The bomb had apparently been donated years ago to be displayed at the Webb City Historical Society

Clearing out the last of the historical items from the Clubhouse caused a downtown block to be sealed off for more than two hours Wednesday.

Volunteers for the Webb City Historical Society were packing up items to make way for Charlie 22 to take over the historic streetcar clubhouse building at 115 N. Madison St.

One of those items was a Velveeta box that when opened revealed – a bomb.


The bomb, still in the Velveeta box, was left on the floor of the van, as it was brought to the police station.

Just to be safe, it was decided that Scotty Hettinger, with Charlie 22, should have the bomb checked out at the Webb City Police Department.

Police officers recognized the item as an unexploded military ordinance – left it right where it was in Hettinger’s van – and called for assistance from the bomb squad in Springfield.

Meanwhile, people in surrounding buildings were advised to evacuate, and Broadway was blocked from Webb Street to Liberty Street.

The Webb City Fire Department and METS ambulance sent crews to stand by.

The bomb arrived at WCPD at 11:27 a.m. At about 2 p.m. the bomb squad arrived on the scene and determined the bomb was inert.

Police Chief Don Melton took a picture of the bomb and says it is likely a practice bomb.

A clue as to how long ago the bomb was given to the historical society is the expiration date on the Velveeta box – November 1974.


Police Chief Don Melton found a photo display online of practice bombs that resemble the bomb that caused concern here Tuesday.