Seneca speech and debate tournament sweepstakes winners.

Sweepstakes winners again

For the second weekend in a row, the Webb City Speech and Debate Team has taken first place in a tournament sweepstakes.

Coach Tiffany Bolin notes, “This has us ranked as 124th in the nation, 17th in the state, and 2nd in the district. We are so proud of these amazing young people as they continue to strive for excellence week after week.”

Congratulations to our finalists at the Seneca tournament:

  • Evan Garrison: 1st Extemp, 1st OO, 2nd Radio
  • McKenzie Jones: 1st POI, 2nd OO, 2nd Duo
  • Lilly Shea: 1st HI, 2nd Duo
  • Devin Tusinger: 1st Radio, 2nd Info, 2nd HI
  • Jace Jones: 3rd Radio, 5th Extemp
  • Kooper Newberry: 3rd Duo
  • Hope Watts: 3rd Duo
  • Charity Goodson: 4th POI
  • Collin Shea: 4th DI
  • Connor Wald: 4th Extemp, 6th POI
  • Nina Nguyen: 5th POI
  • Laramy Wald: 5th Info
  • Maddy Jones: 6th Extemp, 6th OO
  • Azalea Perez: 6th Info