Waiting for Estefan

The Postscript Waiting for Estefan I ordered the sofa cover as soon as we adopted our new cat, Felix. The sofa in the little apartment my husband, Peter, and I […]

The walking debt

Dave Says The walking debt Dear Dave, A few years ago, I had a real problem with credit card debt. Since then, I’ve gotten much better at handling my money, […]

Trusting God

Dose of Truth Trusting God I took my grandson to the library for the first time last Friday. J enjoys being read to, so I hoped he would eagerly pick […]

Spring cold

The Postscript Spring cold The fact is, I am spoiled. I never get sick. I’ve never spent a night in a hospital since I was born (and then, my mother […]

Where’s the money going?

Dave Says Where’s the money going? Dear Dave, I have a roommate, and we’ve shared the same two-bedroom apartment for about three years. During that time, we’ve always had an […]

Just the right word

Dose of Truth Just the right word Last Sunday, I read an inspirational Reader’s Digest post, “The 100 Greatest Compliments You Could Ever Give or Receive.” Sarah Vincent wrote the […]


The Postscript Bonanza! My husband, Peter, and I spend the winters in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. The center of the town is a designated World Heritage Site, which means […]

A safety net, not a hammock

Dave Says A safety net, not a hammock Dear Dave, My husband and I are in a bad situation, and we’re thinking about taking my parents up on their offer […]

God’s protective love

Dose of Truth God’s protective love In “How Firm a Foundation,” Jennifer Benson Schuldt described a visit to her great-grandmother’s house when she was a little girl. The elderly relative […]


The Postscript Perfection I was lying in bed the other night in the little apartment my husband, Peter, and I rent in Mexico, and thinking that things were perfect. Then […]