Fifty shades

The Postscript Fifty shades Carrie Classon My husband, Peter, is a man of few colors – black and gray, to be exact. He has always been this way, as far as I know. Peter is not opposed to color, but I think it makes him a little nervous. He worries that one color might not […]

Keep things as pleasant as possible

Dave Says Keep things as pleasant as possible Dave Ramsey Dear Dave, I don’t really see eye-to-eye with my dad and older brother on many things. This is not a new realization on my part, but over the last few years it has led to hard feelings and various arguments at family gatherings about religion, […]

15 years

Dose of Truth 15 years Tim Richards As I write these words I am sitting alone in my in-laws’ living room reflecting on my blessings. I feel happy and content after celebrating a delightful Thanksgiving with my wife’s wonderful parents. I am grateful for them, but I am even more grateful for their daughter, my […]

An officer was dispatched to …

WEBB CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT   POLICE REPORTS Nov. 24, 2021 Monday, Nov. 8 17:57 – An officer was dispatched to 903 W. Daughtery St., in reference to found property. 19:42 – An officer was dispatched to 1201 S. Washington St., in reference to found property.  Tuesday, Nov. 9 14:11 – I was dispatched to Zora and […]

What Thanksgiving looks like

The Postscript What Thanksgiving looks like Carrie Classon My mother sent a photo of a huge female turkey sitting on her bird feeder. The giant, ungainly creature looked ridiculous, perched on the little wooden roof of a feeder intended for chickadees and nuthatches. “She has been hanging around for two days now,” my mother wrote. […]

Cutting costs during the holiday season

Dave Says Cutting costs during the holiday season Dave Ramsey Dear Dave, We’re doing our best to stick to our cash Christmas budget this year. Are there any traps to avoid, and do you have other advice on ways we can cut costs during the holiday season? René Dear René, If you’re getting out of […]

The power of proper perspective

Dose of Truth The power of proper perspective Tim Richards I recently began a sermon with this story told by author Randy Alcorn but in that sermon shared only the first part of the story. Now, as Paul Harvey would say, here is… “the rest of the story.” Years ago, a business man parked his […]

Nov. 17, 2021

WEBB CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT   POLICE REPORTS Nov. 17, 2021 Tuesday, Nov. 2 13:21 – I was contacted via phone of a past-tense forgery. The incident occurred at 501 S. Madison St.  Thursday, Nov. 4 17:02 – I was dispatched to the roundabout for a motor vehicle crash. 09:59 – Officers were dispatched to 1806 N. […]

Angel’s front door

The Postscript Angel’s front door Carrie Classon I used to have a friend who lived in Paris. Paris is expensive. Angel bought the largest apartment she could afford, and it was tiny. But, because it was in Paris, she had a lot of visitors. Friends and family came to see her and, in order to […]

Grief and hope

Dose of Truth Grief and hope Tim Richards In the March 7, 2018, edition of the devotional guide, “Our Daily Bread,” Cindy Hess Kasper described the routine she and granddaughter Allyssa go through each time they say goodbye. They wrap their arms around each other and wail. The grandmother and granddaughter sob dramatically for 15 […]