An Abernathy Roofing crew installs a new layer of plywood prior to putting new shingles on the Clubhouse’s twin peaks.

The Clubhouse gets a complete new roof

It became obvious to the historic Clubhouse’s new owners, Charlie 22 Outdoors, after they bought it that the dual steep roofs needed to be replaced.

Scott Hettinger, executive director of Charlie 22 Outdoors, said the need for a new roof became obvious as shingles were blown off.

Fortunately, one of the nonprofit organization’s donors stepped up to pay the bill. Hettinger says Abernathy Roofing gave them a good deal and finished the job in just three days.

The Clubhouse, built for the relaxation of streetcar employees, is now a relaxing place for veterans.

Hearts and Hammers volunteers build ramp

Carol Pinola and her husband Dan visit with Hearts and Hammers team leader Johnny Clayton and two other volunteers during construction of a new ramp in Alba.

Volunteers from the Hearts and Hammers organization built a new ramp on April 4 for Mark Young in Alba. The permanent ramp replaces one that had been donated temporarily.

“These wonderful, gentle men shy away from publicity and volunteer their time and material to help those in need by doing the Lord’s work,” says Carol Pinola, a City Council member.