The florescent-green tops of the GFL dumpsters stick out on trash day.

WCA becomes GFL

You may have wondered, “What’s the deal with the new dumpsters with the florescent-green tops?” that are popping up around Webb City.

The answer is that WCA has been purchased by GFL.

City Administrator Carl Francis says the change doesn’t affect the city’s contract for trash hauling, which renews automatically, according to conditions of the original agreement.

GFL Environmental Inc., based at Vaughan, Ontario, Canada, announced its acquisition of Waste Corporation of America, a Texas firm, for $1.212 billion in August 2020. The deal was finalized in the fall of 2021.

WCA’s key markets were in Texas, Missouri and Florida.

Corporate signage at the transfer station, just west of Joplin on Seventh Street, is in transition between blue and green. Unloading a utility-trailer load of trash at the station costs $17.50 for Webb City residents.

Trash complaints? Call City Hall

City Council members have received complaints about trash stacking up because of missed trash days during storms.

There was a brief discussion Monday about City Council members receiving constituent complaints about delays in trash pickup because of the recent storms.

Francis said people who can’t wait should call City Hall (417-673-4651). In such cases, he said GFL (formerly WCA) does a good job of responding.

Otherwise, Francis said, “I would not advise to take dumpsters back to the house if the [weather] conditions are improving” because the drivers will catch up as they can before the next regular pickup day.

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