An armed Webb City JROTC drill team. (1st SGT (R) STEPHANIE ATTAWAY PHOTOS)

WCHS JROTC excels while hosting its own rifle and drill meet

Regular season ended on a good note

The Webb City JROTC Rifle Team hosted and competed against 25 other teams in the Webb City Rifle meet on Saturday, March 6. There were 11 schools and over 100 individual competitors.

Three Webb City teams placed in the top four:

– Jager Carter, Bailey Russell, Lauren Gilpin and Zachary Chronister earned a 1st place finish in the open (old shooter) category.

– Gabe Elder, Clayton Sargent, Quinton Tyler and Kateland Meredith earned a 4th place finish in the open category.

– Jonathan Gardner, Preston Burton, Ricky Miller and Samuel Fisher earned a 2nd place finish in the basic (new shooter) category.

The Webb City Rifle Team represented the High School very well and it was a great way to end the regular season.

The Webb City JROTC Drill Team competed against eight other teams. Among the winners were:

– Armed Color Guard – 2nd place, commanded by Lauren Gilpin

– Armed Regulation – 2nd place, commanded by Jonathan Gardner  

– Armed Exhibition – 1st place, commanded by Dalton Pickard  

– Overall Armed – 1st place  

– Unarmed Color Guard – 3rd place, commanded by Carter Rives

– Unarmed Regulation – 3rd place, commanded by Gabe Elder

– New Cadet – 1st place, commanded by Brendon Reddig

– Unarmed Exhibition – 2nd place,  commanded by Jalynn Smith

– Overall Unarmed – 2nd place.

Stephanie Attaway, army instructor, said the Webb City teams represented their school well and that it was a great way to end the regular season. She especially praised seniors, Jager Carter, Bailey Russell, Lauren Gilpin, Quinton Tyler, Jonathan Gardner, Shelby Sarrgent and Christopher Ramm.

Armed drill team.

Unarmed drill team.

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